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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2019 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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shoes and definitely suspending debate on a divisive what if allow people to be handed over to mainland china for trial this comes up for massive street protests and the worst violence in the territories in decades. coming up next this shift with performance on social media and chinese politics more news at the top of the hour i'm called aspen thanks want to. touch. earth. home 2 movies of species. a home worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps to. do is tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. but news that could turn the church loose to drainage solutions and resources should.
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come to interactive content to choose the next generation doesn't want to touch it . using all channels available to inspire people to take action and more determined to build something here for the next generation globally as the environment series of global 3000 on t.w. and online play. the recent vote in india the world's biggest democracy was stopped the election in america it has been said that trump would never have become president without the help of facebook and in germany and the run up to the european parliament election one you tube posted a video railing against the conservative c.d.u. party it dominated the final days of its compay what effects to social media have on the market see you tube facebook and co threatening free society our topic on shift today.
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2.6000000000 people worldwide use facebook instagram i was up at least once a day i know i do social platforms actually the main place where many teenagers get their news but it's important to check sources and facts because especially in social media it's often unclear where a post comes from what comes up on our news feed isn't random facebook and poll carefully tailor content to individuals interests and tastes the companies have a profile on every user each time we click on something we leave clues about our likes and dislikes and our profiles get more and more detail so if you think you're in full control of what you see online i'm afraid that you're mistaken. all social media companies make money with effectively placed ads that are individually tailored to user profiles they know what kind of car users drive who's just had
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a baby and who is planning a world trip. so called micro-targeting can sway a user without them even noticing politicians also target their constituents but online it's often hard to recognize political ads. even cannot in fact when the margin of an election is narrow with just a few votes. tipping the scale like what just happened in michigan and wisconsin it's all about mobilizing every last voter no solid data analysis can make a political communication strategy more effective than us perfect. this is where social media profiles become a tool for focusing campaign ads car drivers want lower fuel costs young parents want safer neighborhoods and someone planning a world trip is probably well off and would be happy if taxes were lower targeting ads have long played an important role in campaigning. micro-targeting
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micro-targeting is constantly developing source george w. bush use that during his 2004 campaign as it obama in 2008 and hillary clinton and donald trump and 2016. now you could argue that my kids are getting is a good thing for instance i don't own a car so i don't care about new car. but what if that makes an algorithm think i'm not interested in any car related news what about exhaust fumes on you immobility technologies but knowledge is power and people should be able to choose what information they access plus they should be provided balance views on social media this is often not the case like on twitter where a far right german minority repeatedly manages to skew discussions. this is how it goes so impose a news item saying that muhammad is the most popular name in germany's capital berlin. differ mission goes viral on social media and say so new meaning which far
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right users saying confirms their fear that germany has been flooded by foreigners . according to a new study almost half of the items posted in social media platforms lean towards the extreme right and yes only 10 percent of users belong to extreme right parties . the 5 that's the dangerous. posts that reflect people's anger create even more which then ends up in establishing. this happened after a far right politician had posted another news item and disparaged the fact that there was no how loud version of the famous was chocolate prepared according to the precepts of islam. the post was shared thousands of times and even turned up in serious daily papers. in this case social media held far right politicians spread their world view. social media play an
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important role in political discourse and users and politicians alike need to know how to handle that one great example for how not to handle things is what happened in germany in the run up to the european parliament election result has 1600000 followers and is known for his political commentary you normally find in rapping or telling jokes but shortly before the election he posted a video that quickly went viral and modified politicians in a blistering tirade reso dismantled germany's largest conservative party the c.d.u. of course they were not amused but well the party's reaction to the video really showed was most german politicians still don't know how to deal with social media does the internet is still uncharted territory for us my favorite quote by merkel what's it like in your country your politicians also still overwhelmed with the
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internet if you i'm going to show how city you politicians lie how they like basic skills for their job how they make policies against expert opinion that they've participated and walk rhymes and how they use propaganda and misinformation against younger generations. strong words followed by an awkward aftermath the c.d.u. responded to the you tube video. p.d.f. 11 pages long and then the party's leader called for rules for a digital space is. this question is clear if you consider populism what rules do we apply in the analog sphere and which rules apply to digital spaces. critics say this means. supports online censorship but reso did exactly what daily newspaper commentators would do it stated his opinion paradoxically politicians then began discussing whether the results commons weren't being discussed at all
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quite a foolhardy approach meanwhile the online community began discussing what resort has not how he had said it is video was shared commented. and praised most content related to bed took place online without politicians german politicians have a lot to catch up on i think it's definitely better to join a conversation and to censor it controlling social media and restricting freedom of expression already exists in china social media is much more a part of everyday life over 800000000 people log on each day but the government closely monitors what users do with their. international social media companies grew immensely over the past decade but in china western platforms are not just the company has its own. set of facebook you tube and what we chat.
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and. digital activists. gives some insight as to why. not a bunch of those chinese companies are they promise the government they become pasty to censor and control on line contents so they will not they will listen to the government or they will actually preemptively deleting lot of accountants. before the internet police even take a look. nice social media providers monitor their own platforms and censorship is getting stricter shopping and browsing. but content which could shape public political opinion is closely sense it and anyone who directly criticizes the chinese government faces harsh sanctions like the young a human rights defenders sentenced to 19 years imprisonment he had criticized beijing's persecution of weaker muslims his messages were used as evidence against
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him in court after the arab spring transform and that's where they really felt. threatened. so any information any activities using the social media to correlate the collective action to express that kind of political opinion is under a severe punishment. government has largely succeeded in eliminating the topics of data protection and privacy from public debate privacy and no discussion in china because the government preventing such a large scale discussion in civil society for ordinary chinese consumers they have no option this is how china has created a system in which social media does not promote democracy. but what about countries without the same centralized censorship as china a social media more neutral reliable they're. a safe place for political opinions
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let's look at south america uses their can access from there like they do often 246000000 people use facebook and co at least once a day in south america far more than that in the us or you so it's not surprising that social media has a big impact on political opinion but it seems state interference is also a problem. human rights activist my young yes and one does explains that the american government's biggest been the source of this information and this happens with governments with political forces also from opposition parties within the committee and also of course with big media conglomerates but this aspect of this information from the society. digital rights activists marianna d.s. anomalies says that a new left in the american governments do not censor social media but that does not mean freedom of speech is under threat. governments are you seeing there it's cues
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for storing revelations about hate speech and information the sort of there's a way that opinions the governments decide what counts as fake news and hate speech no evidence required in effect this allows them to regulate social media content. for instance if you say something about the press then that is that is that you sort of hate the president that can be hate speech then it becomes a political meeting and that's not what hate speech about hate speech about some part was protecting. critical opinions can this simply be dismissed as hate speech or misinformation and the government monitoring what should be a free space in this way can keep politicians in power while undermining the principle of democracy social media and democracy difficult topic can social media strengthen democracy on the positive side social platforms make it quick and
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easy for anyone to exchange ideas join discussions and gather information they can actively take part in political debate on the negative side companies and politicians are controlling what content receipt micro-targeting makes it easier to manipulate people than ever before right wing populist can skew probably be buried by constantly bringing their topics to the forefront of our discussions. plus governments like china i'm monitoring and limiting it to video what do you think is social media helping or hurting democracy i love exchange as long as we stay aware that facebook and co don't offer a balanced view and you can find more digital topics on our you tube channel see you there.
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do you know that 77 percent obama are younger than 6 o'clock. on the 77 percent if we talk about the issues that matter to you. street spinning in south africa formerly any legal matter starts now a new generation of drivers is pushing this subculture into the mainstream. d.w. . kickoff life i speak for trying to make it on the. 2019 by anyone championship for north and central america and the caribbean. the wildest bands come from mexico and coasts. what are their team's chances like and will the u.s. be able to defend its title. in 60 minutes on d w. 2 job it is. doing to
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screw africa in the world tour link to exceptional stories and discussions. of easy and when i would say d w 2 comes to. join us on facebook at g.w. for. her. hello and welcome to the 77 percent show for africa's you. mike jr. now just to remind you 77 percent of africa's population is under the age of $35.00 are you part of the young generation then you're in the right place we focus on the issues that matter to you coming up on today's program. in ghana we discuss how because isolation.


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